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Front EntranceThe Renaissance Retirement Residence offers independent living in large self-contained suites similar to rental apartments and/or condominiums.  To simplify the tasks of day to day living, The Renaissance has a large common dining room where chef prepared meals are served daily.  Residents can choose to have all their meals in the dining room or only the dinner meal.  Housekeeping is also provided in the suites on a weekly basis.  To ensure the safety of all residents, each suite is equipped with a remote controlled telephone that provides two way communication for immediate help or assistance.

This style of living is sometimes referred to ‘hotel lifestyle’ as it includes services previously associated with hotels or guesthouses.  More recently, references are being made to cruise-ship services.

LobbyThe original name of ‘congregate care’ is seldom used as it suggests an element of nursing care that this lifestyle does not include.  Government departments are now using the term ‘supportive’ when referring to this type of housing or living.  Privately owned residences seem to prefer the phrase, ‘independent living’ since it is meant for active independent seniors wanting the simplicity of life within a community of peers.

Rose GardenA typical resident is 76 to 92 years of age.  Their previous home was a single family house or condominium.  In the case of couples, maintaining the house has become too difficult for the husband and cooking and cleaning has become too much for the wife.  In the case of single residents, usually a health problem makes them reassess their current environment and decide on a safer, less demanding lifestyle.

The health benefits of this kind of lifestyle are only beginning to be recognized.  The benefits of proper nutrition can be seen within the first few months of residents moving in.  Fresh green vegetable salads and rich-in-nutrient home made soups introduce a variety of health nutrients into the diet.  Soups and salads are made fresh every day.  The main courses offer a wide selection from fish, poultry and red meat to potatoes, rice and pasta.  The desserts vary every meal from pies, cake and cookies to ice cream and yogurt.  Few people could claim they eat with such diversity in their own homes.

LibraryThe social interaction created by residents eating in a common dining room and the activities and entertainment that they experience at The Renaissance form the basis of a community.  Residents can participate as much or as little as they wish but everyone benefits.  Loneliness is very common in people of this age group.  To live within a community of their peers, people who share the same values and have a similar history, allows residents to recall and recant their own experiences. The desire to belong, the desire to be listened to and the desire to learn through conversation remain with us all our life.

1188 Esquimalt Road
Victoria, British Columbia
V9A 3N9
Phone 250-386-1188 Fax: 250-382-9210

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